The Building Process

 As your local Tri-Cities home builder, we pride ourselves in providing “The Best Experience”.
Read on to see what makes our process so unique, and why we are
confident you will love building with us.


The process has begun! A floorplan and location will be chosen and reflected in the

Purchase and Sale Agreement, along with other home specifications.


  • Browse the variety of floorplans and available neighborhoods on our website.

  • Reach out to one of our agents for guidance.

  • Drop off the required non-refundable construction deposit in our office.

  • Receive a login to our online platform. You’ll be able to:

    • Communicate throughout the build

    • View daily progress photos

    • Approve change orders

  • Make selections such as:

    • Door styles

    • Paint colors

    • Flooring and countertop materials

    • Backsplashes


In this phase, the house moves off the printed page and begins to take shape.


  • After framing, a pre-drywall walkthrough is scheduled to walk the house and discuss electrical locations and any desired changes before the walls are closed with drywall.

  • Any changes during construction will result in a change order. Change order payments/deposits are due in full at the time of approval.

  • A landscaping layout is provided for review. Changes and modifications can be requested but are subject to city and subdivision requirements. 

  • Typically, a closing date can be calculated for 90 days after complete cabinet install. 

  • Follow construction progress using our online platform, where photos are updated daily.

  • Limited job site access is available by appointment.


With construction completed, this is where a house really becomes a home.


  • Approximately one week prior to closing a Buyer Orientation is scheduled where the builder will highlight the bells and whistles of the home. Any items needing correction will be noted and taken care of before closing.

  • All buyers receive a Homeowner Guidebook which includes information about the home, its maintenance, and the 2-10 Warranty.

  • Buyers now officially become Prodigy homeowners and receive the keys to their beautiful new home.


We proudly extend an incredible warranty program to all Prodigy homeowners.


  • Refer to 2-10 HBW workbook for items covered under warranty

  • Report warranty items to the Warranty Manager using the “Warranty” tab on our online platform.





The information presented in this document is an example of our typical process and is for informative purposes only. Timing and details may vary due to variable situations including but not limited to extreme weather. This document is not part of Prodigy’s Contract or Purchase and Sale.