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Best Alternatives to White Cabinets

We love the timeless white kitchen, and we’re definitely not alone, because white cabinets have been the most popular choice for quite a while now. For the last couple years, design sources have been predicting its decline, but it keeps…

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Things to Do in the Tri-Cities!

Prodigy Homes has been your local homebuilder in the Tri-Cities since 2007. We’re proud of our ever-growing region, and if you’re looking to settle down and build a home, the Tri-Cities is an ideal place. If you already live in the…

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10 Stunning Modern Bathrooms!

Here at Prodigy, we get really excited to see a home completed, because even though we streamline the building process by giving our buyers standard selections to choose from, each home comes out looking completely unique. Today, we want to…

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