Tips and Tricks: Bathroom Design



Often one of the most functional but least appealing part of a home, is the bathroom.  For most people, though, the beginning and end of each day is spent there. Making it beautiful not only adds value to your house, but can make daily living in your home so much more enjoyable. Here are 5 of our favorite looks and trends that are both functional and fabulous.


1) Light and Bright 

Choosing a light color scheme gives the bathroom and fresh and clean look. Lighting is also key is making the room not only functional, but also visually appealing.

Bathroom               Allegro Bonus Master Bathroom


2) Tile the Tub 

Tiling around the bathtub adds functional surface area, and also creates an elegant appearance for an otherwise ordinary bathroom fixture.

Bathtub               Bathtub


3) Ditch the Curtain

A definite “must have” feature in today’s modern bathrooms is a walk-in shower. Combining style and function, a shower like the ones picture below are perfect for a contemporary look.

Walk-in Shower               1668 Lucca Lane 5.9.15 (34)


4) Add an Accent 

A little bit of paint and a special technique can transform any room- why not add some accents in your bathroom?

INT066               Bathroom


5) Stylish Sinks

Bump up the style in your master bath with a trendy sink and you’re sure to have a unique room you’ll love.

Bathroom Sink               Sink

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