8 Ways to Step Up Your Patio Game This Summer

It’s that time of year that comes just after April’s showers and just before the hottest days of summer. That means it’s ideal weather for being outside, whether you’re throwing a huge barbecue, hanging out with your family, or simply taking a little nap on the patio. Is your outdoor space ready for the season? Here are some tips to spruce up your deck or patio. 

Add a Pop of Color

To freshen up your outdoor furniture, add some colorful cushions. Sticking to one solid color, as seen in the example above, retains a very sophisticated look. But if your style is more playful, then experiment with as many patterns and hues as your heart desires. 

Cool It Down 

As the summer heats up, spending time outdoors can become a lot less appealing. Don’t lose your cool; add a ceiling fan to your patio! 

Invest in Some Comfy Outdoor Furniture

All of your efforts to create an inviting outdoor space will be in vain if you don’t spend time enjoying it. And if there’s no where to sit, you’ll find that you don’t linger long. Doesn’t the above picture look inviting? While you unfortunately can’t steal that river view for your own deck, you can add a comfy seat or two! 

Hang Some Curtains

Here’s an idea that can provide a little shade and an additional burst of color: hang up some curtains! The awesome, tent-like effect really takes your patio game to the next level. 

Gather Around the Fire Pit 

Everyone knows that fires are great for roasting marshmallows and creating a warm ambiance for your outdoor parties.  But you can also find fire pits that are beautiful in their own right, even when they’re not lit. This sleek gas fire pit with crushed blue glass is a great example. 

Create an Outdoor Dining Space

A nice outdoor table is all it takes to create an outdoor dining room. Serving dinner outdoors is a great way for you and your family to enjoy your outdoor space. 

Add a Rug

Make your outdoor space feel more cozy by adding a rug. With the addition of a perfectly-proportioned rug, this deck just became an outdoor living room. 


LED rope lighting doesn’t just provide some light for your patio, it’s also a serious “wow” factor! This is an especially good idea for those who enjoy entertaining. There’s no reason for your barbecue to wind down when the sun does! With these colorful lights, the party is just getting started. 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these tips! How are you planning to enjoy your outdoor space this summer?

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