2016 Home Design Trends: See Stylish Homes Prodigy Built This Year

2016 will be over before we know it! Every year brings new design trends, and home builders must struggle to stay current without going overboard. After all, no one wants to build a home so trendy that by the time it’s finished, it already looks dated. How has Prodigy Homes measured up to the challenge? Let’s take a look at some of the trends from 2016, and how Prodigy was able to incorporate them, while maintaining a look that won’t go out of style. All of the pictures you are about to see are from homes that Prodigy completed in 2016.

Trend: Statement Bathroom Mirrors

As long as there is a mirror over the sink, people usually don’t pay that much attention to it. But a mirror is an opportunity to make a design statement. Even though this is considered one of the trends of 2016, it’s not exactly a new thing, and it’s not something that’s likely to look dated any time soon. How have some of Prodigy’s homes incorporated this?



Take a look at this example, from a recently built Soprano Bonus. A circular mirror, mounted over circular accent tiles that go all the way up the wall, makes a much bigger statement than an ordinary rectangular mirror would have done. In a bathroom that features a neutral color scheme and a simple countertop, this mirror and backsplash ensure that “simple” doesn’t translate to “boring.”


For another example, look at the downstairs powder bath from the 2016 Parade Home. This is a good example of what you can do if mirrors in different shapes aren’t for you, or if you’re concerned about them being too trendy. In this case, a rectangular mirror is taken all the way up to a rather high ceiling, and, again, mounted over a full backsplash. LED light strips are placed behind it to highlight it further, and function as a great nightlight. The effect of the statement mirror in this powder bath is to make a tiny room feel spacious by drawing the eye to the vertical space in the room.

Trend: Fireplace as Focal Point

This year, the focus in living rooms is on the fireplace, which has become easier than ever, as there are so many alternatives to traditional wood-burning options. Fireplaces provide a warm, inviting focal point, and can fit any style, whether you’re going for a cozy, traditional feel or sleek and modern. Homes built by Prodigy come standard with a gas fireplace. Check out a few examples from 2016 that really serve as the focal point in these rooms.





Trend: Marble

Nothing can be quite as classic and luxurious as marble. A timeless finish, marble saw a surge in popularity this year.

1744 W 52nd Ave 5.9.16 (20)

In this Adagio’s master bath, marble tile creates an airy feel and ties together the tub and shower. If your style is more elegant simplicity than over-the-top-luxury, but you also love marble, then this is a good way to incorporate it.


And here we have the polar opposite! In the Bravo II, we see marble at its ultimate luxury potential. Note that taking marble over the edge with a waterfall countertop incorporates another 2016 trend.


If you are a fan of the marble trend but want something more durable, steal this look from the kitchen of the same home. Many who visited during the Parade of Homes thought this island was marble, but actually, it’s black river granite. Splashy, dramatic, and—perhaps most importantly in a kitchen—durable, it’s a great choice for an elegant kitchen.

To see more pictures of the Bravo II Parade House, check out this post.

Trend: Statement Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures should never be overlooked. They can make a very unique statement that reflects your personal style and punches up a simple room. When you build a home with Prodigy, rather than select from a few standards, you’re given a lighting budget and the freedom to choose your own fixtures. The results can be stunning. Probably the biggest (literally) statement Prodigy made with lighting this year was the chandelier in the Parade house.


The soaring 19 foot ceiling cried out for a chandelier on the same scale, but even though your home may not accommodate such a massive fixture, you can still make a big statement with lighting. For example, look at these entryways.

When deciding where to follow trends and where to play it safe, remember that a lighting fixture is easier to switch out than, say, your bathroom tile. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your choice here: worst case scenario, you can switch it out down the line, completely changing the look of your room.

Trend: Indoor-Outdoor Living

Many new homes feature a fluidity between inside and outside spaces. As beautiful as the effect can be, an entire wall that opens up to your patio is not in everyone’s budget. However, adding a 12 foot slider to your home in place of a standard one can give you a similar open effect, and is a more realistic option for many home buyers.



Another way to bring the outdoors in is with plenty of large windows. Also, try using finishes that borrow from nature, such as stone and natural colors of wood.

Trend: Large Tiles

While small, intricate tile designs are always beautiful, there is a lot to be said for the simple, open feel that is created by using large tiles with small grout lines. The effect is very aesthetically pleasing, and it’s been a been a big trend this year.

1788 W 52nd Ave 3.31.16 (23)

Look at the smooth, natural effect created on this shower wall by using large tiles with a wood-grain. It pairs well with the pebble flooring.


Large tiles are great for modern designs. These square, charcoal tiles are the perfect flooring and backsplash  choice for this master bath. Without drawing attention to themselves, they add to the simple, serene aesthetic.


As we approach the end of the year, it’s exciting to anticipate what the trends for 2017 may be. One thing is sure: Prodigy will continue to stay at the forefront of design, incorporating trends in ways that are affordable, practical, and will continue to look great years down the line.

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